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Jungle Girl #4

Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008
By: Bruce Logan

Doug Murray & Frank Cho
Adriano Batista, Frank Martin (c)
Dynamite Entertainment
Exclamation: “The cliffhanger ending are getting really old!”

Explanation: Ending last issue face-to-face with a bear (a big one), Jana’s part in this one starts by her walking out of the cave with the bear’s head in her right hand. In the meantime, her friend Togg (the one she calls Monkey Boy) does his best to free both her and the outsiders. Once they are free, they escape back into the cave. The rest of the issue has them doing their best to get away from the dirt people as well as the dangers that lurk within the cave. En route they lose a member of their group with another one as good as gone. Lastly, as with the three issues preceding it, this one too ends with an ominous cliffhanger ending.

Examination: Compared to how it started out and developed over the first two issues, the last two installments of Jungle Girl have really applied the brakes on the plot progression of its first arc. The last issue I understand, it came across as slower due to the excess of dialogues, which in turn was a necessary evil for setting up the dirt people, their leaders and their purported spirits.

But not this one.

Not only do we not get to see the fight between Jana and the bear, the latter half seems to be decompressed just to have a cliffhanger ending. Sure, seeing a jumbo monster worm loom over Jana makes for a nice visual but after the previous three endings it just doesn’t have quite the same impact.

On the bright side, we do learn more about Togg and the friendship shared between him and Jana. Oh, and Carole still can’t keep her hands and fingers to herself. Thankfully, she doesn’t get into too much of a trouble this time around, unlike her teammate/leader/producer James Sebastian.

Adriano Batista’s artwork is as enjoyable as ever, both from the T&A angle and from the ‘takes the story to another level’ POV. Having already checked off the human and Jurassic animals this issue has Batista doing the same for the monstrous worms. Whether in character interactions and expressions or in fight scenes, the artwork of Jungle Girl is a truly enjoyable experience.

Proclamation: The story starting to drag a bit. The good thing is that it ends next issue/month.

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