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Amelia Rules #19

Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Jimmy Gownley
Jimmy Gownley
Amelia Rules is a softly-spoken tale where Amelia discovers her family's history. Before that, Gownley treats readers to a fun kids' game, that also arises in the flashbacks as a running joke.

You get a taste of Gownley's wit on the cover which takes readers through pastiches of old comic strips. You'll see more of that inside. He visually checks such comic strips as Gasoline Alley, Little Orphan Annie and Doonesbury.

It all begins however in Gownley's style where Amelia's having fun with Reggie, Rhonda, Pajamaman and Joan, as well as the disturbed yet cute Mary Violet. Tanner and her mother then take Amelia down memory lane.

The big moment occurs when Amelia learns about the importance of the necklace that she had given to her friend Trisha. Amelia winningly fesses up the truth to her mom, and the underplayed emotion evoked in the colors and staging gives the scene the power necessary for impact.

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