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Neozoic #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writer: Paul Ens
Artist: J. Korim
Publisher: Red 5 Comics

EDITOR's NOTE: The second issue of Neozoic will be in stores this Wednesday, December 19.

Some would argue there is a need for establishing the universe created when a fantastical realm is involved. Others would argue that itís best to just hit the ground running and catch us up as we go along. In my review of the first offering from this title, I wondered if we were being thrown too many balls to juggle in order to grasp what was going on. While that could still be the case for some readers, Iíll say that weíre smart enough to get the gist of things and let the plot move on.

In this alternate modern day society in which dinosaurs still live among humans, writer Paul Ens introduced a different race of humans (if they can even be called that) into the mix and explains what separates them from the modern city dwellers they share the area with. Trying to escape the fray of dinos that have wandered off their normal path, Lilli encounters a child Talpid. My best guess is they are some sort of human hybrid that may or may not involve the dinosaurs. When Lilli gets back to base, she and her Donti Squad teammates learn their actions are not that welcome.

I found this aspect of the story quite interesting, being that there are still bleeding heart animal activists in this alternate reality. The people that enjoy the protection that the Donti Squad gives them from animals that would just as soon as eat them, also protest and scream a wall-eyed hissy fit when one of their protectors have to get their hands dirty at times. Now, please donít mistake my statements as one of those rednecks that think the war in Iraq is a good idea and every decision our president has made is golden. Iím just saying it made me giggle to think about how much fun it would to see those angry sign-wavers run around like scared kids when the electric fence and army of protection arenít around to help.

Oh wait, we get to see that next issue!

In what would appear to be an attempt to recover the Talpid, a swarm of pterodactyls attacks the great city while Lilliís squad is enjoying some down time. I realize that this book isnít the same comical tone of many of Red 5ís other books, is it bad of me to request the flying dinos at least take one or two of the protestors with them? I mean, it only serves them right.

As with the first issue, the artwork of Korim continues to be a big bright spot of this book. His faces are all fantastic and unique in their own way, and I really enjoy how the artist does action. I wasnít too sure of the colors the first time around, but the muted tones fit this book that meshes retro and modern concepts. Its obvious Lilli is a labor of love as well; and rightfully so, sheís meant to be the star of this series.

With a budding story that should have a few more twists in it before the end, as well as stellar art that either of the big two would kill for, this book yet another reason why I continue to tout Red 5 as a comic publisher to keep your eye on.

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