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Infinite Horizon #1

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007
By: Geoff Collins

Writer(s): Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto
Artist: Phil Noto

Publisher: Image Comics

This is one of those comics that prove that comics can be better then TV, movies, or books. Infinite Horizon is set in the future, but itís not science fiction and I donít think itís meant to be a statement about where weíre going as a country. It simply is the best-fit setting for the storyóan adaptation of Homerís The Odyssey.

Duggan Iím familiar withóI knew he was a good writer. Noto Iíve never heard of but his art is really good and, most of all, original. What makes it unique is how itís done. Most comics use ink and acrylic paint. I was certain he was using acrylic oils, which are very differentóespecially looking at page 8ís sky. However, I had an artist friend look at it who said it looks like it was done on computerópossibly incorporating some paint, but mainly computers. Either way itís done very well. The lines still keep in typical comic book form except he uses a variety of colored lines rather then just black. The key difference is in how the coloring is done. That difference can be most seen in the scenes in the desert of Syria.

They donít screw around with setting the scene. Since a main character is in the military, by the third page thereís a briefing that has all the exposition needed for the opening of the book. Again, itís not meant to make a statement, itís just the setting. Whatís really interesting is the environment in the U.S. Not everything is made clear in the scenes thereófor some reason people are violently arguing over water and martial law is in affect. Even though itís unclear whatís going on overall in those scenes, the charactersí relationships toward each other are clear. So itís still good and isnít too confusing.

Set aside all of the artistic aspects and the issue still has a scene thatís mainly badass action. The military is evacuating from an airport in Syria and the last group of soldiers, led by ĎThe Captainí (donít think a real name is given for him) who is meant to be Odysseus, canít get air lifted out and have to fight their way to escape the country.

Pick this one up. It has everything except humor.

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