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Jungle Girl #2

Posted: Monday, December 3, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writers: Frank Cho (plot), Doug Murray (script)
Artists: Adriano Batista, Frank Martin (colors)

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

EXCLAMATION: ďA mixed bag of Whoa!, Huh?, Eh?! and Meh!Ē

EXPLANATION: Last seen (seemingly) attacking Jana and the newbies, the mammothís presence in Jungle Girl takes a turn for the friendly as Olí Woolly was just trying to get away from the fire set off by the explosion at the crash site. He isnít the only one doing so as shown by the veritable rampage that follows. In between the two Wooly goes up against a Fin-Head (which is a BIG dinosaur for the Jurassic-ally uninitiated), as does Jana soon after. Along with there is a mysterious shadow lurking in, well, the shadows one. The shadow is also the narrator of this installment. The issue ends with yet another cliffhanger when on returning to the crash site the out-of-towners find themselves surrounded once again by the dirt people (i.e. the savages). As for why they are back there in the first place, well, that is something that I am not going to spoil here.

EXAMINATION (Story): One thing I will say about Jungle Girl, even though it tends to get bogged down by the odd (tired) clichť, Janaís introductory adventure does manage to carry on at a nice pace.

This time around even though there isnít all that much new revealed about the individual members of the crash survivors, we do learn a couple of things about them, the horny, the bad and the oblivious. And those are just the guys. As for the lone female amongst them, let's not forget the (mentioned in the previous review) damsel in distress. Even though there arenít as many chances as last time around, Ms. Carole does give more than enough proof of the jungle not quite being her thing, her "environment" if you will.

The big fight between Mr. Mammoth and Mr. Fin-Head didnít quite work for me. Granted, it might come across differently for newer readers but for a jungle-genre veteran like yours truly the big-beast throw down between JGís "friend" and the "bad" dinosaur hits too close to what I have read in Basement Comicsí Cavewoman.

Lastly, about the plot development that I refrained from spoiling, even though not original in the least it does have promise if only to see how Jana (and/or anyone else) goes about handling it.

EXAMINATION (Art): Given my detailed thoughts in my previous Jungle Girl review (issues #0-1) there isnít all that much I can say about the artwork, not without repeating myself. The pencils as well as the colors are consistent with what has come before, and even if the dinosaurs arenít the most detailed/realistic they are more than enough to get the point across.

Along with the action, the T&A too continues with its appreciable presence in the visuals. But hey, it is jungle girl Jana that we are taking about (and seeing) here, not Mother Superior Jana.

PROCLAMATION: A couple of interesting developments, a rather dragged out fight scene and an acceptable enough cliffy ending, all in all Jungle Girl #2 is an okay enough read. Still, although not bad by itself the "okay" is a step down from the "good" of issues #0-1.

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