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Madman Atomic Comics #5

Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"We are ATOMIC!"

Writer/Artist: Mike Allred, Laura Allred (colors)

Publisher: Image Comics

Mike Allred eschews the mystical mumbo-jumbo for some pulpy science fiction fun with the Atomics. His smart script curtails any boring prolonged worry from the home team over Frank N. Stein’s “death,” and "ginchy" humor replaces angst.

Astroman, Frank’s android doppelganger, makes it to earth, but not in one piece. The gang discover to their horror that Frank was still alive when they sent his “corpse” on a one-way trip to outer-space. Before anybody can really absorb the implications, Frank who was rescued by an alien federation, contacts the group and assures them that he’s fine and he’s okay with what they did.

How awesome is that? Frank thinks logically. He was to all intent and purpose dead. He doesn’t blame his friends. His friends don’t have feel badly, and instead of suffusing the book in sorrow, Allred immediately brings back the quirkiness of the title that so enamored this reader in the first place. Bravo.

Allred treats the events humorously. Joe’s reaction to Frank’s return is filled with joy and hilarity when she directs a bit of venom to Dr. Flemm. It’s so nice to see Joe take this know everything professor down a few pegs.

Frank brings some of the Atomics to his location. They’ve got a dictator to overthrow, and that’s where the art kicks in. Set on a back drop of Laura Allred’s crimson hues, the Atomics and Madman standout vividly. Their actions bring a peppiness missing from early issues of the book’s reincarnation, and the new characters echo back to those seen in issues of Astounding Science Fiction.

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