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Alien Pig Farm #1 - 4

Posted: Monday, November 26, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writer(s): Todd Farmer, Steve Niles & Thomas Jane
Artist(s): Don Marquez, Grant Goleash (c), Jason Hanley (l)

Publisher: Image Comics

Exclamation: It’s really, truly and verily the ‘Perfect gift for that special someone’!

Explanation: Set in Horton County, Kentucky, Alien Pig Farm 3000 gets off to an explosive start (literally). Thanks to a not particularly well thought out explosion a long time buried alien spacecraft is unearthed with its crew waking up soon after. What follows is an action comedy with plenty of pig-eating, guns-a-blazing (both of the ray and bullet variety), interspecies and interfamily sex happening. Also contained are a wholesome love story (given the familial circumstances), coming out of family secrets and the always-welcome good-hearted drunkard brother. Heck, even after all the fighting and killing is over there is still one last curve ball (for now?) which gets lopped out at the ending.

Examination: As the introductory blurb proclaims, Alien Pig Farm 3000 is a story with and about aliens, rednecks and incest, (not always in that particular order). The setting and the characters take care of the redneck part with the incest coming from the (quasi-)incestual relationship between Johnny Ray and Cindy. ‘Quasi’ because there is no blood shared between Johnny and Cindy. After his parents died Johnny was taken in by Cindy’s parents and as such is not either of their biological son but rather a foster one. Still even with its ‘quasi’ incest status the relationship does make for some interesting character interaction moments, and not just between Johnny and Cindy.

Character moments, be they between the romantic duo or their parents or even their drunkard brother Elvis, make this story what it is. Even the aliens, a mostly grunting and snarling lot, get their shots in, even if it just to show their horniness.

If there is one (minor) point of contention I had with APF 3000 it would be that the alien threat didn’t quite feel, well, threatening. Weren’t these guys fighting at a planetary level millions of years ago? And what is the first thing on their mind on waking up? Food and sex. Food and friggin’ SEX?? I get the food part, after all, they must be famished after that long a sleep but the sex part?! I mean, come on, what is this, the alien frat battalion? Seems, food isn’t the only thing that the big green men were starving for. Still, given the mood of the story and just how much I was enjoyed it, this particular point is (probably) me just being a tad too curmudgeonly.

All I have to say about the artwork of this series is that it was a perfect for the story that it was telling. At no time did I feel that background were bland or the characters not expressive enough or even the inks & colors too dark (something that I have a frequent problem with). Three thumbs up.

Proclamation: Kudos to writer Todd Farmer, artist Don Marquez and the rest of the creative team of Alien Pig Farm 3000.

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