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Marvel Adventures Avengers #18

Posted: Saturday, November 24, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ty Templeton
Artists: Cafu (p), Terry Pallot (i), Val Staples (colors)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Avengers meet Hercules in Marvel Adventures: Avengers. Ty Templeton in his writing accounts for some realism in terms of a communication barrier, and he looks to myth to find a sufficient threat for the team and the guest star.

Templeton first reminds the reader that the Avengers are actually heroes. Stark International doesn't manufacture weapons. It funds technology to help mankind as well as archaeological digs. I like that Tony is interested in all sciences and not just engineering and physics.

A series of earthquakes brings the Avengers to the archaeological department of SI, and after a brief history lesson foreshadowing events, the Avengers assemble to fight an impressive beast well-imagined by Cafu, Terry Pallot and Val Staples. The comparative scale of it is gorgeous. The forced perspective throughout the panels never fails to convey the creature's size.

Hercules follows the wayward beast. After the communication problems occur, but in a plausible way, Herc joins the Avengers to fight the giant, not to be confused with Giant Girl, whom Templeton keeps to the side-lines. This move however acts as a reminder of her power and her will, represented by a beautifully crafted expression that's enhanced by beads of sweat.

While Templeton keeps pretty much all the heroes chipper and gives to them senses of humor, the Hulk's lines in the context of the action are priceless. Templeton continues to demonstrate why he makes an able succeeder to Jeff Parker in Marvel Adventures Avengers.

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