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Scooby Doo #126

Posted: Saturday, November 24, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Various
Artists: Various

Publisher: DC Comics

Robbie Busch opens a trio of three excellent Scooby-Snacks. His "Miami Frights" features an excellent monster cunningly designed by Robert Pope, who is also on his game when having the gang follow clues or surf the waves.

The clues lead to an imaginative hideout, which is given an eerie ambiance by inker Scott McRae. The solution draws from the fairplay deck, and the scoundrel would have gotten away with it if not for "those meddling kids and their dog."

Alex Simmons finds a new song with "The Siren of Hampton Reef." Simmons provides a trio of suspects, all fetchingly illustrated by Mike DeCarlo. The Heroic Age colors facilitate DeCarlo's aim to make two of the gals particularly memorable, and little character tweaks, such as an arched eyebrow, enliven an already interesting story.

Vito DeSante joins Joe Staton and McRae for a mystery lacking a hint of supernatural trappings, but I rather enjoyed the brief respite from formula as well as the brilliant caricatures of Staton and his established multifaceted visual characterization for Mystery Inc.

"The Phantom of the Rock Club" is the only clunker in the box. It's quite possible that a communication problem developed between writer and artist, but the words do not gel with the art. At one point Velma refers to the Phantom as a "puppet," but puppets aren't diaphanous, nor do they get sucked through air vents, and Velma relies on a piece of evidence unseen until the final reveal. The evidence should have been present throughout.

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