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Welcome to Tranquility #12

Posted: Friday, November 16, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Neil Googe

Publisher: Wildstorm / DC

For being my last Wildstorm book I purchase for some time, I was rather impressed with how Gail Simone rode off into the sunset with this loveable cast of characters. Along with artist Neil Googe, they can hold their heads high at most of the product they delivered on this title. So in honor of their attempt to go out with a bang, Iím not going to get on my soapbox again about this publisher and celebrate this issue for what it actually gave me, as a reader, instead of what it should have. Yeah, donít tell me you fell for that.

All Hell has broken loose, as the Host known as Freddie Beasel continues his rampage on the town with his army of zombies in tow. Every one of the Maxis throws everything except the kitchen sink at him, but to know avail. Then, inch by inch each of the do-gooders they take their city back. The pace gets kind of frantic for a while, with too many pieces to keep up with. Just when you are about to close the book for good, order is restored in a sense and life as it is returns to normal. Iíd give more specifics to the story plot, but I got lost several times in the issue. Itís a rare thing in todayís comic climate to read a story with too much information and too fast of a pace, but thatís what we have here.

I get the Armageddon-like ending the town is facing, the title is about to end for the time being. Why not go for broke? With the coming crossover, I also realize the purpose in it all. I just think all the extra characters and cameos by Gen 13 made this particular title stink. I could have just sat back and watched Maximum Man, Sherriff Thomasina (and her crew), the Maxi Teens and the Pink Bunny duke it out and the story would have been much cleaner and magnificent. The rest was merely needless window dressing that confused the crap out of me.

For the last time, let me sing the praises for Googe on the art chores. I havenít read what the artist will be doing next, but DC needs to get him on something very soon. Hell, anyone needs to get this guy drawing a book. Trust me, Iíll buy it. I have turned into a broken record, but at this point I was buying the book for completion sake and for Neilís pencils. He was the most pleasant surprise of this book for me, and the savior in the end.

Of course, this issue didnít have a sense of irony as it limped across the finish line. I knew Simone was thumbing her nose at me when I read the title for this issue: ďNo More Crossovers!Ē See, now youíre just mocking those of us faithful readers who have stuck with this poor-selling title for a year Gail. Twisting the knife like that is a great way to sell me on future work of yours.

Pick up the first six issues on trade, and leave the second for the quarter bins. Wherever Christos Gage takes the Wildstorm U, I hope this title has a chance of starting over with a clean slate. Iím sorry I had to rant and rave about this book for the past few reviews, if I hadnít been sucked in by a great concept, I wouldnít have been let down so much in the end.

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