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Marvel Adventures Iron Man #5

Posted: Saturday, September 29, 2007
By: Ray Tate


Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artists: Rafa Sandoval(p), Roger Bonet(i), Martegod Gracia(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Arrrrrrrr, Mateys! Cast ye memory back to a Hydrobase of Marvel seventies the target of this issue's villainous fiend Captain Kraken.

Landlubber Tony Stark known on the high seas as Iron Man investigates a real world scientific phenomenon and gets tangled into the Cap'n's nets. Before ye can say Davy Jones, the locker dweller not the Monkee, arrrr!, the Cap'n strips Stark of his armor and prepares to keel-haul the Hydrobase.

The plate Stark needs, for he be frail without a strong heart. The bends force Stark to retake his pieces o' armor from the crew and in the plunder show his resource and cunning. Arrrrrr! This Stark be a better man than the foul scalawag from Marvel Civil War.

Kraken goes down with his ship when Stark bests the skull and bones at their own game. Arrrrr! It's nay Iron Man's suit that saves the day. Stark proves his mettle as a better seaman.

Arrrr, Matey! Rafa Sandoval, Roger Bonet, Martegod Gracia render a treasure map of undersea adventure and techno-marvels. Their fine quills swab the detail of Iron Man's armor and the phases of human expression. Add the jolly Van Lente's sense of humor about the episode, and Iron Man is a worthy shiny bauble for ye treasure chest. Arrrrrrrrr!

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