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Left on Mission #4

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

"Panoramic View"

Writer: Chip Mosher
Artist(s): Francesco Francavilla, Martin Thomas (c)

Published by: BOOM! Studios

Editor’s Note: The fourth issue of BOOM!’s Left On Mission arrives in stores this Wednesday, September 26.

Exclamation: “Best read all (issues) in one sitting, NOT as singles!”

Explanation: Eric and Painter meet in Fes, Morocco and after a couple of pages of banter head over to one of Eric’s contacts. All this is to find out the meeting place between Emma and the Russian mafia. Not only do they find the place, but get there in time to bear witness and then become involved in an exchange which takes a rather interesting twist once. Death ensues.

Examination: With just one more issue to go after this one, one would think the story would pick up in pace. Well, by one, I mean me and as Left on Mission #4 shows ‘one’ was wrong. One doesn’t have a lot of experience in reading spy stories and even though there is a shootout, the action is not of the scale or extent that ‘one’ hoped for.

What we have instead is pages of Eric using his contacts to ‘create’ eyes on the street and rather easily getting the information, but not before making some metaphorical reference that left me, like Painter, totally confused. Still, there’s a bit about dyeing that is interesting and a nice bit of info. Note to self, Google ‘century old practices of using cow piss for cloth dying’.

Lastly, as I mentioned in my opener, Left on Mission is one of those stories that needs to be read in its entirety and not just as monthlies. In fact, that is exactly what I did before reading this issue, read the previous three. However, unlike many stories which are decompressed beyond belief and thus have to be read all together to have something worthwhile happen Left on Mission has to be done thus in order to keep track and ‘get’ every detail that could be important, as they more often than not, are. Case in point, (for this issue), the initial conversation piece between Eric and Painter.

As with the story, the art of Left on Mission has a certain gritty and, well, secretive feel to it. Attention has to be paid so as not to miss some minute, yet (possibly) important detail. The artwork isn’t what anyone would remotely call flashy, lively or even leaping-off-the-pages, yet it is consistently respectable. It has been so throughout the series, and in the end that is more than acceptable.

Proclamation: What the next issue will bring I don’t know but I am definitely interested to see how this story is finally brought home.

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