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Stormwatch: Post Human Division #11

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Andy Smith

Publisher: DC / Wildstorm

Sure, those of us faithfully reading this book have gotten well acquainted with our ragtag group of super hero cops in the PHD. When you read a title for nearly a year you tend to do that. What I think Christos Gage is mistaking is there is a difference between knowing his characters and feeling for his characters.

Please donít take my comments as criticism for this well written book. Regardless of the art changing hands, this is a book Iím still interested in and is well worth keeping around for the currently faltering line of comic books at Wildstorm. Too bad thatís not going to happen, next month is the last of the comic.

Since the last Wildstorm-wide event did so well, the powers that be felt another would be in order. For those keeping score at home, that was sarcasm. Iíll move on, I just think whatever is going on with this line of comic books sucks.

We find out a little more about who is responsible for the killings of retired Stormwatch members, unfortunately the plot ends rather unceremoniously in favor of a more pressing matter facing the members of PHD. My first question is why the book was broken up in this manner?

Jacksonís crew gets out of their jam a little too neat and clean, with some creepy inter-squad romance going on. Then, all of the sudden, the team breaks up to care for their loved ones after a tip from a stool pigeon is called in. Of course, they go through all that work for nothing. Turns out a villain with an axe to grind wants to kill a bunch of cops to strike back against PHD. Doesnít that seem like two separate stories that werenít given enough air to breathe? It would appear that the book was given the axe and Gage wanted to wrap up all of his loose ends before the universe ends yet again.

The artwork is good in places, but sloppy in others. It would appear that not only are the scripts being crammed together at the last minute, but the art is as well. In places, I wasnít able to tell at first glance which characters were being portrayed. Gorgeous looks absolutely horrible, nowhere living up to her name, and cleavage is needlessly thrown around by Smith to the point where it actually detracts from the panels. Yes I realize I just typed that.

My guess is the colorist wasnít given enough time either. Deadlines can be a you-know-what huh? I miss Doug Mahnke in the worst way. Thankfully, I only have one more Mike McKone cover to endure as well. I have not liked a single one of them so far on this series. Bottom line, the art this issue was less than admirable. Nobody really knows for sure if deadlines or changing scripts were the reason, but it doesnít matter.

In the end, this book is joining my other Wildstorm favorite Welcome to Tranquility in the ďtanking because the series is being cancelledĒ department. We all know itís a reality in the publishing world, and many a series far better than this have seen it happen to them. Iím just bummed because Gage is a very talented writer who turned in quality scripts for this title. When the rising-star penciller gets pulled up to the big leagues and the writer gets higher profile books to work on, itís no surprise what happens.

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