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Welcome to Tranquility #10

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2007
By: Chris Murman

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Neil Googe

Publisher: Wildstorm / DC

Well, it was nice knowing you Tranquility. I loved you since you first were created, touted your praises on these pages, even begged people to buy you to keep it going. It is obvious that I have failed you, and the result is seeing you become just a shadow of your former self.

In other words, each issue is getting worse and worse for me. Good thing I wonít have to read much more of it.

It hasnít been officially said yet, but sales have been drooping way below the Mendoza line for quite a while. Granted, they were never stellar in the first place, but this book needed some time to grow. Sadly, after a brilliant first arc, the sophomore year story has been a severe letdown. As much as I have been thankful to Gail Simone for giving us characters like Mr. Articulate, the Pink Bunny and Maximum Man, its clear this book is not going to make it. Even tying it to the upcoming company-wide crossover probably wonít help. Maybe thatís the only reason itís still going in the first place.

Letís get a quick summary in before I hop back on my soapbox. The demon known as Funky Freddy continues to unleash his zombie horde upon the citizens of Tranquility, and heís also looking for help. With his grandfather (whom was quite a punk as well in his days of being a Maxi) the Emoticon has sold his soul to the devil in order to save his hide. We all know Freddy isnít the ringleader of this big event, and itís only a matter of time before the master will come home to roost.

I could nitpick this story to death, but it would just sound like sour grapes because of my aforementioned dislike of the direction the title is headed. I do feel that because Simone was probably told the book wouldnít last long, sheís kind of put all her eggs in one basket for this arc. Itís not that I mind having a town filled with zombies. I actually like having Tranquility in dire straights and the only people who can save the day are the same geriatric, retired super heroes from yesteryear. Itís certainly an aspect of cape comics that hasnít been used enough and certainly has a voice in todayís market.

We continue to see things through the eyes of Sherriff Tommy, and her legacy as the townís savior. Sheís one of the few regular characters in the book that doesnít have powers, yet she steers her city with her decisions and actions. I love what she brings as a character, and I will be sad to see her go.

I think what the major flaw for me in this title is how editorially it has been piggy-backed onto whatever Wildstorm is doing as a comics line and has lost the ability to be its own book told in its own way. Donít tell me I was the only one scratching my head when I saw the teens from Gen 13 show up. Hell one of the characters was even making out in a graveyard with a teen from Tranquility. The crossover of characters has made absolutely no sense to the story since they arrived, and hasnít added anything by them being there. Sure both books have the same writer, but that doesnít mean you should have them cross over. The teens from this book are full of possibilities by themselves. They do not need help from another teen book that isnít selling well either.

At this point, the only thing carrying Wildstorm along is the fact that they are tied to the DCU because of the multiverse. Captain Atom came and went; now this universe of rich characters has to be part of the crappy editorial decisions of DC as well.

I want this book to stay and get back to the business of telling cool stories about the Maxis and how they might not be done fighting for justice no matter their age. Sadly, this book will probably either be cancelled or Iíll have to read about them fighting Darkseid soon. If Iím wrong, I will apologize, but I donít think I will be. Either way, I donít know how much more of this book I can take.

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