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Amazons Attack! #6

Posted: Monday, September 3, 2007
By: Jon Judy

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist(s): Pete Woods

Publisher: DC Comics

Amazons Attack! #6 may just have the most shocking ending you will find in a superhero comic book this year. Yes, after five issues that occasionally managed to reach the level of mediocre, the series concluded with one that was actually pretty good. Now that was shocking.

Here's the lowdown, in case you're just joining us: Wonder Woman's mother, under the influence of Circe, who was supposed to be dead but really wasn't, or was dead but isn't any longer, or whatever, has launched an attack on America, leveling the nation's capital, nearly killing the president, and trouncing some superheroes.

This took five issues to tell.

And those five issues were agonizingly dull. Generic superhero fights abounded as a cast of characters about whom we were given no reasons to care about slugged it out using national monuments as weapons.

And then this – an issue that was actually good.

Oh, sure, it was mostly devoted to another generic superhero battle - this time between Wonder Woman and Wonder Mom. And, yes, this issue featured some of the same irritating logical lapses that crept into each of the previous issues. For example, the Wonder Women duke it out for five pages while some of the DCU's heaviest hitters simply watch. Then, just as Superman decides to join the fray, Batman grabs his arm to hold him back, as if to say that this is Diana's fight and she must see it through alone.

OK, so Supes, Green Lantern, et al. decide to simply watch for five pages while Diana's life is in danger. Then, when Supers decides to get involved, Batman is quick enough to stop him when he Big Blue is supposed to be faster than a speeding bullet?


But all those weaknesses fade away in the face of an ultra-cool ending. Pfeifer pulls off a really neat surprise, leading readers to assume they are getting a clichéd deus ex machina resolution, only to reveal in the last page that there was a whole other god inside the god inside the machine.

And just like that, the series goes from dull and trite to being a kick-ass setup for stories yet to come. If you have even a passing interest in the DCU, pick this one up. Don't worry if you haven't read the rest of the series - in fact, count yourself lucky. Just buy it for that last page, and think about all the potential stories it implies.

This was a six issue series that could, and should, have been told in two issues. We can only hope that the stories it has now set up can keep the momentum of this issue going.

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