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Noble Causes #30

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artists: Yildiray Cinar, Ron Riley (colors)

Publisher: Image Comics

Exclamation: “Damnit!! I’ll go crazy waiting for Noble Causes #25 predicted events come to be.”

Explanation: In a relatively calm month (especially given the last two issues), the Nobles have a son return home and regain his (lost?) love. The son in question is Rusty Noble and the love Cosmic Rae. In the span of just one issue Rusty both learns about and comes to terms with the true reality of Rae and his father’s part in bringing her into his life. Thanks to timely talking from an unexpected source, not only does Rusty not adopt his usual "non-verbal" method of dealing with things, he even makes peace with what Doc did. Heck, he goes one step further and thanks dear old dad. Everything seems hunky-dory just in time for the issue to end with the one thing that Gaia Noble wanted most NOT to happen: Liz gets her memories back.

Examination (story): Noble Causes, in many ways, is the antithesis of Invincible. This does not mean that either title is better or worse than the other. One might even replace "antithesis" with "doppelganger," although even that wouldn’t cover it completely. What I mean is that (to my reading tastes) both of these series have a few things lacking. Moreover, what I want more of in one title I find in excess in the other, and vice versa. For example, if only Invincible would gain a little more depth in dramatic impact (by letting go of a little action if need be), and if only Noble Causes could dial down on the drama (and gain a notch or two on the action scale). Then again, Noble Causes is supposed to be a superhero soap-opera title, so maybe I am just asking for more than what it is supposed to give.

Speaking of drama, this issue has it by the loads from Rusty learning about the truth about Rae to his initial and subsequent reactions to it to his reunion with his girlfriend. With just one character, writer Jay Faerber spans the complete spectrum of emotions. Heck, he even tosses in humor with Rusty’s banter with his ex-wife, Celeste.

The other characters also pitch in and apart from the last page cliffhanger ending, they all tie-in to the star of (this month's) show, Rusty. Were I to choose one character coming in second to Rusty’s first, it would be Frost, with Doc Noble standing at third. Although Doc has more screen time, Frost has the more "defining" part.

Examination (Art): Noble Causes, in general, has always had artwork consistent artwork. Although it might not be outstandingly mind-blowing, it has also never been drearily puke-inducing. Done with slightly more realism than previous (regular) artists, Fran Bueno & Jon Bosco, Yildiray Cinar wraps up his fourth month with this issue. A special nod to colorist Ron Riley. He has been a mainstay of this series (for about as long as writer/creator Jay Faerber) and has been instrumental in making the artist changeover much more fluid, much more natural.

Proclamation: Even though it might not have the "new series smell" of its younger sibling, Dynamo 5, Noble Causes nevertheless continues to be what set out to be: a capes & tights superhero soap-opera.

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