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Chucky #1 (of 5)

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: Brian Pulido
Artists: Josh Medors, Wes Dzioba (colors)

Publisher: Devilís Due Publishing

I havenít in my life seen even a minute of any movie based on the character of Chucky, let alone its entire length. Moreover, until I picked up this first of a five issue mini-series from Devilís Due Publishing my comic exposure to the serial killing doll was also a big fat zero. I am possibly as new a reader as DDP will be getting for this series (that is, if you disregard my basic knowledge of just the physical appearance of Charles Lee Ray a.k.a. Chucky).

At this point I usually get on with a quick introduction to the characters and their back-story. However, seeing as I know next to nothing about Chucky, Iíll limit myself to recounting what I learned from this issue. Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) was a human serial killer who diedÖsomehow. Post death, his evil spirit landed up inside the "body" of a plastic 2-3 foot childís "Good Guy" doll. Once there, it was killings galore once again.

Speaking of killings, there are quite a few of them here, and that too just within the first third of the issue. The unsuspecting victims are a bunch of college students who are camping (complete with beer chugging, outdoor sex and what have you) in, you guessed it, the original hunting grounds of the Lake Shore Strangler, Olí Chucky. Although fast paced and gory, both in the writing and the art, the opening scene isnít high on originality. Then again, why screw around on a tried, tested and perfected kill-fest?

The rest of the issue is mostly setup and although new readers will get it too, it is the veteran Chucksters (movie fans) who will recognize the characters of Detective Barry Preston, Jade and Jesse. This I say on the assumption that these three characters were in however many Chucky moves there have been. Chucky seems to have an enmity with Preston and the others rising from their "killing" him the last time around, not to mention putting him in the doll in the first place. The issue closes with Chucky making his move towards the first name in his latest "To Kill" list.

Josh Medorsí artwork is more than a match for Pulidoís writing. With Wes Dzioba on the colors the two of them make for a visual experience that is equal parts funny, scary, gory and cartoonish. Could it be a tad more "serious"? Sure, after all, it is a horror title. However, given who, or rather what, the main character is, I found the artwork to my liking.

Conclusion: Am I going to go out and rent the Chucky flicks? Nope. I am not a big fan of the horror (movie and or comic) genre and this mini isnít going to change that. However, based on this issue's opening, I just might end up tagging along with this story to its completion.

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