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Madman Atomic Comics #1

Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artists: Mike Allred, Laura Allred(c)
Publisher: Image

Wha? No seriously. Wha?

The latest edition of Madman includes naturally a trip down memory lane, beautifully illustrated by Mike Allred and enhanced by the colors of Laura Allred. This expected journey however detours at a positively surreal everything-you-know-is-wrong-scenario.

The story starts out with Frank Einstein a.k.a. Madman discovering he is the last survivor of planet earth. Worse, according to a flying widget named Warren, which could simply be a figment of his fevered imagination, Fank is the cause of the populace's demise.

Well, I'm hoping that this whole thing turns out to be lie. If it's the truth, I cannot see where Allred can go from there, and as a life-long reader of Madman, I'll feel very cheated. It's not fair for readers to invest themselves in characters, for years and years, only to have them turn out to be delusions. This would however give credence to Frank Einstein's sobriquet.

In summary, Wha? Really nice artwork either reminds the reader of what will be lost should the truth win out, or hopefully, this is the quality of illustration that we can expect when we discover that everything-we-know-wasn't wrong.

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