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Betty & Veronica #224

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writers: George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, Kathleen Webb
Artists: Jeff Schultz (p), Al Milgrom (i), Barry Grossman (colors)

Publisher: Archie Comics

This issue of Betty & Veronica has three stories, all of which focus on the friendship between, well, Betty and Veronica.

Story 1: "Best Friends" (Writer: George Gladir)

Writer of the "youngest" (as I termed it) story of Betty #162, George Gladirís story here is the longest of issue and most probably the star. Built on a platform of the Lodge familyís (and that means Veronica too) moving away from Riverdale into their near castle style mansion, this story shows a more personal side of Veronica, one which usually gets buried in her Pre-Paris Hilton snootiness. Moreover, as per its titleís claim, it also shows the deep friendship that has been built over the years between Veronica and her best friend, Betty. In fact, the only major point of contention between the two is a certain boy that the two have been fighting over for what seems (and is shown) as ages. All I can say for Archie Andrews is, "one of these days these two girls are literally tear you apart."

Story 2: "Snowball Effect" (Writer: Mike Pellowski)

The lightest (content-wise) of the stories within this issue, this story has Betty and Veronica teach a lesson to a kid who is literally asking for it. The punk throws snowballs at them and not only does he not apologize, he actually says that this wasnít a one time bit and he will be doing it again. As with the previous story, this one is more about the girls reminiscing about their past times than about disguising themselves as snowmen (snow-girls rather) and putting the boy in his place.

Story 3: "Kissing Up" (Writer: Kathleen Webb)

This one has the girls basically lounging around unwinding (or maybe staying in because of the snow storm outside). With nothing better to do the two of them start to do what many a girl is wont to do with her girlfriends: "compare notes." This time it is not any specific boy or girl but rather a whole list with all of them coming under a heading of boys who Betty and/or Veronica have kissed. Starting from the bottom (i.e. Jughead) the girls make their way to the top. In an ending similar to the one from the first story, the two of them end up with the same person as their #1 kisser and therein lies the only negative thing the either of them has to say about kissing him, that they have to "share" him.

Conclusion: An easy clean-entertainment read albeit one with similar stories.

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