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Snake Woman #9

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Vivek Shinde, I. Jeyabalan (colors)

Publisher: Virgin Comics

Another month and another bunch of chumps from the remainder of the 68 die. No, this isn't a copy of my review of last monthís issue but rather the start of this monthís which though interesting in places still isnít all that appealing on the whole.

If the police weren't enough of a trouble, Jessica also has to contend with the rising suspicions of the upper echelon of the 68. As it happens, the twins she killed last issue used to report to their bosses back in London. Their not reporting at the stipulated time raises their seniors' hackles, which leads to their coming to America and (as expected) to their deaths.

As for the death of Jessicaís roommate, Jin, even though it wasnít revealed here, we can safely assume the murderer was the boy-next-door, Jinís ex-boyfriend, Raj (i.e. the guy Jessica got it on with a few issues back). Harker intimated the "faithful" have been active in Los Angeles for quite sometime without his knowledge. Either Raj is one of the faithful or maybe he is just plain loony. Iíd wager on the former than the latter.

Artist Vivek Shinde has settled in with Snake Woman quite well, so I have my fingers crossed that Snake Woman doesn't change artists with the frequency that Devi (another Virgin Comicsí title) does.

Conclusion: Despite the added development of the supporting cast, Snake Woman's plotline still isnít all that interesting, which is a shame given its brisk pacing.

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