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JSA Classified #24

Posted: Monday, April 2, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

"Nightfall (Part 2 of 2)"

Writer: J.T. Krul
Artists: Alex Sanchez (p), Jack Purcell (i), Pete Pantazis (colors)

Publisher: DC Comics

Extra. Extra. "Dr. Mid-Nite fights Vampire!" That was the headline of the previous issue of JSA Classified. The first of this two part "Nightfall" story arc (not to be confused with the Batman "Knightfall" story arc) had the mild-mannered crime fighting doctor not only going up against and getting the beat down from a vampire, it also had him getting bitten by the same creature of the night.

What happens to DM next? Does he turn into a vampire himself? Does he become the vamp’s daytime errand boy? Or does he morph into something new? Well, none of the above. As I expected (this being a Doctor Mid-Nite story) and is revealed, not only does he not "turn," Dr. M also finds, through science, the real reason for the "vampire" being the way he is. The reason, as it turns out, is something very close and personal for the good doctor. The cause of his attacker's condition is the same cause of the loss of Dr. Pieter Cross' eyes (not to mention medical license): the illegal street drug A39.

Once he has ascertained that particular bit of information (and thanks to his friend and colleague Mr. Terrific’s words helping him through the feelings of insecurity caused by the lingering effects of the bite), Dr. Mid-Nite sets out once again to apprehend the "vampire." However, being first and foremost a doctor, Dr. M along with bringing the man into custody also wants to help him, even if it is more than clear that the poor fellow is beyond its limits.

As made clear during my review of last month’s issue, I am not a fan of the artwork here. This includes all three aspects of the artwork: pencils, inks and colors. Although it might suit a real vampire story, it doesn’t do so for one of this style. Not only does Dr. Mid-Nite come across as "lumpy" in quite a few panels (like the last page shot of him standing in his civvies), it just doesn’t match the personality of Pieter Cross. Sports shoes and with his T-shirt worn like that? No way.

Conclusion: The story was acceptable enough, but with the art bogging it down, the overall experience of "Nightfall" ended up more on the negative side of the scale than positive.

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