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Green Lantern #18

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

"Mystery of the Star Sapphire (Part Four)"

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Daniel Acuna

Published by: DC Comics

This month in Green LanternÖnuh-huh, not so soon. I am not going to spoil the "surprise" ending to this, 18th issue of the current Green Lantern series, even if it was telegraphed months in advance. Instead let me tell what exactly were the twenty or so pages preceding the last page revelation about.

Those who have already seen the preview pages (out on the internet) will know that this issue begins with Carol Ferris. Shown midair flying an aircraft, something that she wasnít known to do in the past, Carol is reminiscing about a certain ex-boyfriend who instead of offering a ring wears one himself. Just when she is winding down with her introspections, as if waiting for her cue, a pink ball of energy surrounds Carolís plane. No, itís not the Pink Lantern Corpsí call offering her to become the Pink Lantern of Sector 2814 and to spread flowery and fluffy thoughts all over the sector. What is it? It is something that is known well to Green Lantern fans, Star Sapphire. Having miraculously returned from the dead (the Spectre killed off Star Sapphire in the Day of Vengance: Infinite Crisis Special), SS takes over Carol.

As for what Jordan is doing during all that, well, how about making some one-on-one drinky-poo unresolved sexual tension time with everyoneís favorite jet-piloting cowgirl. Moooooooo. Regarding Cowgirl a.k.a. Jillian Pearlmen, even though I like her character, there is something about the mix of southern charm and modern street smarts in her that comes off as forced. It did before, and it does so now. That said, she is a good likeable character, which means she is going to be screwed up and messed around with. Before things can get anywhere between Cowgirl and Hal in comes, who else but, Carol Sapphire.

What follows that? Now there in comes the spoiler, the "telegraphed" one I mentioned earlier as leaving Carol, the Star Sapphire energy takes over Hal.

Nah, just yanking your chain.

It takes over the bartender.

No, seriously.

Not convinced, well then how about, Jillian? Yup, Cowgirl just got pinked. Now this can lead to two things: one, Jillian remains Star Sapphire for a short time (i.e. this arc) before Hal "frees" her, or two, bid welcome to yet another name in the "legacy" of the Star Sapphires.

With regular penciller Ivan Reis taking a break, this issueís illustrations are handled by Daniel Acuna who has come off a much acclaimed run on the recently ended Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters. Even though I am not a big fan of Acunaís style, I do find him suited more to the flying style of comics than to the ones on hard ground. In the air, be it character interactions or fights, Acuna gives it all a lively dynamic.

There is also a back-story, the first of the Tales of the Sinestro Corps. This issue's tale focuses on Despotellis, the sentient bio-virus. Forgive me if I donít whoop and leap around with joy with this one, or for that matter Sinestro and his Corps.

Conclusion: Nora Frieze, Jean Loring, Jillian Pearlmen, Cassandra Cain. These are but four names in the upcoming character "class." Following in the illustrious footsteps of "Women in Refrigerators," the DC writers/creators bring you, "Women in Liquid Nitrogen." Yeah, now they donít outright kill and mutilate them (necessarily not in that order), they just freeze them, shatter them and put them together in as a bizarre way as it suits their fancy. Then again, between this and what is happening to DCís premier female character, Wonder Woman, both in the first arc and now in the second one, I must say, given an (first hand experience) option, Iíd much rather have this. At least this way, it can be "corrected" with any cockamamie reason (e.g. injections of evil).

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