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Moon Knight #8

Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Charlie Huston
Artists: David Finch (p), Danny Miki & Crimelab Studios (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well, this was terrible. Seriously, Iím having doubts about whether or not there even needs to be a Moon Knight series. Granted, I never cared much for the character, but I didnít have anything against him. Until now.

Since his return, Marc Spector has become more violent and crazy than ever before. He spends his nights brooding and torturing criminals. Heís haunted by the ghost/hallucination of a villain he killed two years ago. Said villain is taunting Marc with childish jokes, bad impersonations, and demands for violence. Heís supposed to be the voice of Spectorís madness, but heís just annoying. Spectorís violence, demeanor, and the dark tone of the art remind me of Spawn. The Moon Knight costume even looks like an all-white version of Spawnís costume. Each issue I read leaves me feeling depressed and sour. Spector is a terrible, unappealing person without the personality or gimmick to hold a readerís interest.

As for what happens in this issue, Captain America tells Spector heís not recruiting him for his anti-registration army. Because telling someone, ďI donít want you for our outlaw teamĒ is easier than not meeting him at all and turning him away in the event Moon Knight comes calling. And before you ask why Captain America would allow the Punisher and not Moon Knight, who has a much, much smaller body count, well itís simple. Capís recruitment of Frank Castle was decided by Mark Millar, not Charlie Huston. And while Castle is a violent fanatic, heís more disciplined and less crazy than Spector. Hell, Iíd rather work with Castle than Spector.

Then Moonie looks into a series of killings committed by an old villain whoís supposed to be dead. Said villain remains in the shadows and is working with an unknown woman. No idea who they are, why the killerís face is scarred, or . . . anything really. Thereís a lot of violence, a woman with green hair, and a gay stereotype. Throw in disjointed panels that fail to communicate action and repeated panels, and youíve got a real mess of a comic.

The only reason Iím not giving this 1 bullet is that Finch & Mikiís art style is slightly appealing. Itís dark, gritty, heavy work. Itís unfortunate that theyíre not working as well as they used to. Iíll chalk this up to an ďoff-dayĒ for the team unless the next issue they produce (which won't be on Moon Knight) looks as bad.

At this point, I see no valid reason to read Moon Knight. This ďCasualties of WarĒ tie-in does not address any issues raised by Civil War, nor does it tie strongly into the crossover. If you havenít bought this comic, donít.

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