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Marvel Adventures Avengers #11

Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"High Serpent Society"

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Juan Santacruz(p), Raul Fernandez(i), Impacto Studio’s Adriano Lucus(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Flash! This just in...Captain America found alive and well in Marvel Adventures Avengers. Reporters across the world baffled.

"How could we have missed this?" asked one reporter.
"It's like Marvel was playing us, and we fell for it like Dick Cheney on a hooker stuck in an oil slick."
"Poor hooker."

Captain America being alive, well and a damn fine leader in Marvel Adventures Avengers is but one asset to this delightful title. Yes, you not only get a living breathing Captain America. Act now, and we'll throw in an Iron Man who is not a tin-plated fascist pig. Our Iron Man works with the Avengers rather than against them. He in addition preserves secret identities rather than forces heroes to reveal them.

What? You still want more? How about we let one of the Avengers tell it like it is:

"Will anyone ever remember that I'm really, really smart?"

That's right, the Rodney Dangerfield of the super-hero set, it's Spider-Man! The villains underestimate him. The writers haven't a clue what to do with him--unless it involves stupidly endangering his family or sputtering as his arch-villains retroactively boink his women, but the amazing Jeff Parker knows what to do with Spider-Man. Wind him up, watch him snappy the patter and use his incredible brain to dope out the situation.

Act now and you'll also get superb witty banter, the ever-fantastic, effective and beautiful Giant Girl, an exclusive offer not available in "regular" continuity, smart use of super-powers and brilliant strategies exhibiting the team-work one expects from the Avengers and away-team leader Storm.

These story elements and more can be found in a neat, economical package designed with proportion and an eye for action, action, action courtesy of Juan Santacruz and Raul Fernanadez. Act now!

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