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Secret #2

Posted: Monday, March 12, 2007
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Mike Richardson
Artists: Jason Shawn Alexander

Publisher: Dark Horse

Plot: Pam is missing. The police and her friends think Tommy has something to do with it. But Tommy knows betterÖ

Did I mention that the first issue feels like a teen age horror movie? Well after reading issue #2, I should say that you can ignore that remark. This book is so much better than that previous qualification.

Although 2007 is still in its infant stages, Iím already putting The Secret on my nomination list of Greatest Surprise of the Year. I bought this book only because of Jason Shawn Alexanderís art work in The Escapists.

There is just one word for Alexanderís art: amazing. Well, "terrific" will also work. All his panels, and I really mean ALL his panels, wouldnít be misplaced in a gallery of fine art. The mood he creates and the way he composes his panels are outstanding. But his use of colors is that of an impressionistic master. I canít stick enough feathers into hisÖ well you know where.

If you are a serious comic fan, please buy this. Iím not writing a review here; I'm writing an ad, which Iím not getting paid for. Ha ha. This is the best Dark Horse has to offer at the moment, and itís only four issues, so you can buy more copies to decorate your room with.

Pam, Tommy's girlfriend, has disappeared. She vanished into thin air. Tommy believes that the guy they made a prank call to has something to do with it. But nobody believes him. Sure, the police follow his lead, but they find nothing.

Itís a mature mystery, and Mike Richardson is always one step ahead of his readers. I hope he can keep this up because I can not wait another month for issue #3. The cliff hanger makes me feel eerie and totally compassionate for our guy Tommy. His girlfriend is missing, and her friends blame him; it must be a hell for him.

I dare you to read this story alone in the dark! And pass me your telephone number and I will call you, without you knowing, in the middle of you reading this book. See if you can hold your bodily fluids!

This story isnít hardcore horror, but more suspenseful in the tradition of Se7ven but without the gore.

The construction of the story keeps you wanting more, but itís the art that deserves our attention. Itís gonna cost me money, but Jason Shawn Alexander is an artist that I will follow very closely and will buy even if he does a comic version of The Muppet Show.

So if you feel generous you can donate to my paypal account so I can buy an original page of The Secret artwork. Ha ha ha.

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