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Boneyard #24

Posted: Saturday, March 10, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Richard Moore
Publisher: NBM

At the Illuminary's ball, Lilith spiked Abbey the vampire's drink. This is bad news since she's due to meet with essentially the sheriff of the supernatural and her behavior could mean the expulsion of Boneyard's friendly and reformed monsters.

Michael calls Hildy who spells a knockout for Abbey. This allows Robin, the werewolf's date, to virtually control Abbey's movements and hopefully fool the Illuminary into keeping the Boneyard safe and sound.

Moore continues to surprise. He foreshadows the idea of the Illuminary as a Big Bad, but when Michael and Abbey/Robin meet the being, he turns out to be an urbane classy figure. Moore also does not insult the reader. He established the Illuminary's all-knowing intelligence, and Moore has him use it to humorously see right through Michael's and Robin's facade.

What follows is a satisfying mix of sweet scenes and the promise of slapstick as Michael delivers the comeuppance to Lilith. A sexy epilogue, done in Moore's crisp black and white, featuring a severely hung-over Abbey concludes the chapter, and four Bloom County inspired Hogsbreath cartoons instill laughter on the inside of the jacket's final page.

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