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Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood #4

Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

"Dragon's Blood (Part Four)"

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Derec Donovan, Guy Major (colors)

Publisher: DC Comics

I miss Night…nah, not that way again. Having started both of my reviews for previous issues (#1 & #3) of this miniseries by lamenting about how much I miss Chuck Dixon’s days on Nightwing, I am going to restrain myself to, well, to just what I have typed out until now. From here on, I will only keep to within the limits of this story, its characters and Dixon’s characterization of them and Derec Donovan’s artwork. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s it.

As hard as making and keeping to that oath was for me, it is nothing compared to the trouble our hero Connor finds himself in at the beginning and even more so at the end of this issue. At least the first time around he had Shado and Chickenfoot, I mean Crowfoot, alongside him (even though the Crow chickened out). There is no such help in what happens at the celestial alignment. For those who haven’t read the previous issue, it had a cliffhanger ending with Connor, Shado and Crowfoot surrounded by over a hundred ninjas shooting over a thousand arrows at them. It is the same fight that kicks off this issue with even Eddie and Brandy getting into the act, as does Kishu-San the old man Connor met in the last two issues. However, while the Eddie-Brandy duo make it out alive, Ol’ Kishu isn’t so lucky. Then again, who knows how it is with those mysterious old farts, sorry, masters. Still, for now it seems that the book has closed on Kishu-San.

Wondering as to how Connor and the others manage to stay alive? Well, that as Eddie calls is the "hook," both of the issue and of the main story. I won’t go into specifics here. Suffice to say that Connor’s continued presence in this story is now not based on some competition (which he won by the way), or his wanting to prove himself (both to himself and at some level to his until-recently-deadbeat dad) but rather by a kidnapping, with the emphasis being on "kid."

Right from the get-go I have been digging the artwork of this series, and this issue is no different. Continuing with their bright, lively and action filled visuals, the creative team of Derec Donovan and Guy Major not only give "sight" to Dixon’s words but outright make them come alive. Another thing about Major, as much as I like his work with Scott McDaniel (on Green Arrow), I hope I get to see more of his work with Donovan in the future. If not on an ongoing then at least on a few minis.

Conclusion: I want Brandy to be added to Connor’s regular supporting cast. Her banter with Eddie reminds me to the movie The Whole Nine Yards and its Ten sequel. The only difference is that this is actually funny.

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