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Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #15

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

"The Goodbye Thing"

Writer: Sean McKeever
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa

Publisher: Marvel Comics

"The Goodbye Thing." There couldn’t have been more appropriate a title for this issue. Not only are there quite a few goodbyes in the story, this issue is also the last for outgoing artist, Takeshi Miyazawa. A veteran of these Mary Jane stories (right from her first mini), Miyazawa’s impending exit from this series was announced a few months back. And just in case those two goodbyes weren’t enough by themselves, this issue just might also be my last one of this series. Miyazawa’s artwork was the major attraction of this title. With him gone, it just won’t be the same again, and with a title that needs every bit of creativeness to keep me with it, that is just too big of a drop in the attraction factor.

Moreover, with writer Sean McKeever also set to head for DC soon, (after issue #18 I think), Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is all but done in my book. Still, I might end up sticking it out for the remainder of McKeever’s run.

As for the issue itself, even though visually it was as light n’ bright as always, plot-wise it was just a tad bit too soap-opera and not enough teen flick. Still, with motor-mouth Liz Allen getting quite a few scenes, it managed to hold together…somewhat.

The issue starts off with Peter confronting Mary Jane (a progression from last issue’s ending), one which ends amicably with Peter calling Gwen and Mary Jane, well, for her it is realization time (yet again), one which is followed by yet another confrontation, this one with Ms. Motor-Mouth Allen. In case anyone is wondering what all these confrontations are all about, go back and read the previous issue. Anyways, the gist of it is Peter’s secret, the one he told Gwen at the end of issue #13, getting out to not only MJ and Liz but also Harry and Flash, if not anyone else. Last issue Peter got it out of Gwen who she told it to, hence his words with MJ which leads to hers with Liz. In true "vicious circle" fashion, Liz (on a window shopping "cooling" outing) runs into Gwen and has some words with her, to go with the fries and pop/soda the two of them end up sharing. So, it’s no wonder that Gwen in her turn has her say of the issue with Peter. Like I said, "vicious circle"!

As for the big goodbye, it is between Peter and (no surprises here), Gwen. There is also one between MJ and Peter, but that is more symbolic and less literal in the way that it is made by MJ in front of Spidey and is more of a "letting go" than anything else. Moreover, her goodbye is soon followed by a hello…with Harry.

At this point in my reviews I usually comment on the artwork of the story in question. However, seeing as I started off this review with a whole passage on the art, I will restrain myself by just saying that it was good.

Conclusion: It’s been a ride and definitely an enjoyable one. Good luck to Takeshi in his future ventures, and I hope that DC gives Sean some nice meaty title/character when he finally moves to their side. As for this series, who knows, I just might be back next month to continue until the time Sean finally departs from it.

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