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Drain #2

Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2007
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: C.B.Cebuski
Artist: Sana Takeda

Publisher: Image Comics

A second issue, and still I cannot even start to make up my mind about how I feel about Drain, let alone finish making it and decide finally whether to give it a place on my pull list or to let it slide (from its "guest" status) and be done with it. On one hand, I find the main character, Chinatsu, quite intriguing and want to learn more about her. Yet, on the other, the incessant long dialogues and introspections are quite the entertainment downers. Given my usual "Trial of Three" for any new series I try, I was hoping that this second issue would help clear matters that befuddled me the last time around. No luck there.

Continuing from where the last issue left off, this issue revolves completely around Chinatsu and her fellow vampire and ex-lover, Freya. With an even spread of flashbacks and present time conversations, it’s revealed that along with being her lover, Chinatsu is also the vampire who "turned" Freya. Whether she did it due to Freya’s endless beseeching her to turn her or whether she finally slipped up to feed, that is left to the reader’s interpretation. I for one would lean toward the first possibility. Whatever the reasoning, as far as Freya is concerned, the blame rests squarely on Chinatsu’s shoulders, hence her repeated (as revealed by their conversation) attacks on her former paramour.

As for the artwork, well, that is something I can comment about. Although this won't come acroos as resounding support, just two issues in, Sana Takeda’s angular style seemed to have settled with me. There is still the odd panel or two where the manga hints are just too pronounced for comfort, but as a whole, the consistent sketches and colors warrant a positive accepting nod. That said, I would like the characters to look at least a little more different, and not just different eyes-different hair versions of one another, especially Chinatsu and Freya.

Conclusion: Now then, a lesbian vampire, where have I seen that before? Oh yea, (Chaos Comics’) Purgatori. I am not saying that it is entirely clichéd but come on, it’s as novel as Dracula being the proverbial vampire horn-dog, (what with all those smokin’ hot scantily clad "wives" of his).

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