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Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9

Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"A Not So Beautiful Mind"

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Juan Santacruz(p), Raul Fernandez(i), Impacto Studios' Adriano Lucus(c)
Publisher: Marvel


Last seen scribing the simply wonderful Agents of Atlas, Jeff Parker returns to Marvel Adventures: Avengers and immediately infuses the book with action and witty characterization. Juan Santacruz also returns to provide dynamic super-hero fun and delightful designs.

This issue represents the first meeting between the Avengers and MODOC. The historic event doesn't go particularly well for either participant. MODOC turns the Avengers into bigheaded freaks, just like himself. The Avengers retain their heroic impulses but linked to supreme egotism. AIM needs to find a new home.

The jokes in the issue batter the reader non-stop. In normal form, Spidey patters snappily about AIM's fashion sense. Jeff Parker cannot resist an upgraded role call, and as MODOCs, the Avengers happily chew the scenery with ludicrously over-the-top dialogue worthy of Z-Movie mad scientists. In short, I loved every second, including the Karl in the works.

Some of the humor derives from Juan Santacruz's art. He's not just good at depicting slam-bang action, excellent anatomy and Giant-Girl's lovely bottom, sensually inked and lusciously colored, the result being a heavenly purple app--

Whoops! Lost my train of thought.

Santacruz plays artistic billiards with the Avengdocs. He makes ludicrous use of the Avengdocs teensy arms, and he recognizes gender equality even in distorted form. The male Avengdocs are butt-ugly, and the female Avengdocs are butt-ugly. Maybe that should be Head-Ugly?

Welcome back Parker, Santa Cruz and Fernandez. Your brand of zaniness has been missed in Marvel Adventures: Avengers.

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