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Witchblade #102

Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

"The Eternal Dance"

Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Adriana Melo, Annette Kwok (colors)

Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow

Come 2007 (issue #103), Witchblade is going to change, change in the "Everything Changes…" This is the last issue before that change occurs, and like the last few issues before it, this issue aims at two targets. The first is setting up the new bearer of the ‘blade, and the second..., well..., that has a whole biblical twist going for it, what with Sara being pregnant and all, and that too without coitus.

Still, even at her last mission before the jump, Sara gets one last mission to use the witchblade in: the apprehension of her ex-boyfriend and escaped murderer, Ian Nottingham. The find-and-capture routine is nothing out of the ordinary, even with the witchblade whipping some bad boy behind. Not even the Gleason-Sara interactions are very notable, and except for the "spoken/admitted" sexual tension, similar to the way it used to be between Sara and Jake. What is notable is Sara’s burgeoning maternal instincts. Although more than a little confused about how it came to be, Sara is fiercely protective of the life forming within her.

Elsewhere, complete with a belly button piercing is Sara’s successor, ballet dancer Danielle Baptiste. Hmm, belly and ballet, now why am I so amused by it? Playing her part of "trying to find what she wants from this life," Danielle reminds me of a teenage Peter Parker about to get dumped with the whole, "Great Power, Great Responsibility" bit. The difference is that in Danielle’s case, I do not think that the "costume" will be as covering as Spidey’s.

In regards to its art, Witchblade has very few issues in which it has left me disappointed, and this issue is no different. Even if the perfectly shaped lips and squared jaws (on every single female character) don’t quite work with me, Adriana Melo’s attention to detail is as impressive as ever, especially in the facial expressions. My personal favorite "face" panel of this particular issue was the one depicting Sara’s final take down move for Ian.

Conclusion: I am not quite certain about the change. Even though I am leaning towards the negative side, both because to me Sara is THE witchblade-bearer and because many such changes end up being temporary ones, I am looking forward, albeit warily, to how, why and for long this plays out.

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