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Jeremiah Harm #5

Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

Writers: Keith Giffen & Alan Grant
Artists: Rafael Albuquerque, Imaginary Friends Studio (colors)

Publisher: Boom! Studios

The final chapter of this arc..., or just the last one of this first JH limited series..., wherever this issue stands, one thing is clear: this isn’t the last we have seen of Jeremiah Harm and his sci-fi, futuristic, wild west style, dystopian world in which he exists. However, regarding his posse (i.e. supporting cast), this might be their last (if not final) appearance for quite some time.

Having ended the last issue by stepping into a portal (doesn’t every sci-fi story worth its salt have one of those?), JH and his buddies (sans gangbanger Ledge), kick off this issue by..., well..., by yet another obligatory sci-fi-ism: the good doctor throws up. As always, the best dialogues in the group come from the one and only, Ms. Hardass herself, Nurse Emma. Street smart and taking no crap from anyone, be it Mr. Spaceguy or the Copper, Emma is one character that I am going to miss (unless she and the others pop back in future stories).

As for the main plot and the showdown that it rounds up to, that is pretty much of a straightforward affair: the good guys (Jeremiah and buddies) pursue and catch up with the bad guy (Dak Moira) but only when he has reached the BIG treasure (the Basal Shard). A fight ensues in which the good guys get their behinds handed to them, only to make a come back by the timely and surprising entry/return of someone who had bowed out earlier (Ledge). After that, bye-bye goes the bad guy. Ka-Boom. Cue Futuro-Dirty Harry-esque music. Roll end credits. That’s a wrap.

About the artwork. Eh. It’s not quite up there in terms of crisp-tight lines or snazzy coloring, but at the end of the day, Rafael Albuquerque’s pencils and Imaginary Friends Studio’s colors worked out just fine for me. Jeremiah’s world is a gritty place, and the art conveys it as such.

Conclusion: Hope this isn’t the last we see of Jeremiah and if possible, Emma and the others. One big point though: I do hope that whenever it happens, the next Jeremiah story doesn’t take this long to reach completion. Ten months? Come on. Either market it as a bi-monthly right from the outset or keep up with the schedule. This last issue was the most glaring with the "will happen when it happens" delays.

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