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7 Brothers #2

Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Jeevan Kang, S. Sundrakannan & Jeevan Kang (colors)

Publisher: Virgin Comics

John Wooís Directorís Cut (part of Virginís special line) continues as the second chapter gets played out. Along with quite a few others, one important matter gets explained: who the "brothers" are in 7 Brothers. Oh, and the bad guy(s) also make(s) his(their) first appearance.

First, a quick recap. Six men, each hailing from a different continent (and race, faith, social/cultural background) come together in current day New York, USA. Pulled by a plane ticket and a check of US$50,000 and an enticement of an additional $50K at the meeting place, the six are not at all amused when told that there isnít any more money. By whom? By the same person who also brings in another, the seventh brother, if you will, to the group: their host, one Ms. Rachel Kai. More than a little annoyed and getting ready to leave, the men stop short as some rather interesting details get revealed about each one of them (all except the seventh). At the same time thousands of kilometers away somewhere in China, a group of explorers/adventurers find whatever they are looking for, only to have one them die a horrible death. The End.

This issue starts (and ends) with the seven sitting around a table listening to the story that Rachel tells throughout the issue. The seven go from not believing and making fun of her tale to..., well..., to having their mouths fall open, pretty much like their reactions from last monthís issue. However, while last time around the revelations were only about their immediate selves (and at most their immediate families), this time around Rachel delves into the past, more than five hundred years ago, to the same journey of discovery that kicked off issue #1. Along with this "parental" revelation, or rather relation, she also tells the group about the threat that has necessitated this gathering.

Elsewhere, in a seemingly unrelated and rather odd power play, a Mr. Zheng makes and takes over the organized crime of... some city. How this will play out in the larger plot isnít quite clear, and neither is who or what Zheng is and where he stands on this chessboard. However, that particular part gets taken care of soon enough.

A quick jump to China, and three miles under the surface, the killing that started off with last issue continues picking up speed until there is but one and he too gets taken out soon enough, with another being "slipping" into his place, in his garb, in his skin. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting, The Son of Hell. (Yeah, that is his name.)

Conclusion: Although not as big on the funnies (or even the "action movie" feel) as the previous issue, this issue's plot takes two very big steps forward, both with the villainís entrance and the good guysí finding their common thread and through that learning about their heritage and how it will define their destiny.

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