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Crossing Midnight #1

Posted: Monday, December 4, 2006
By: Martijn Form

Writer: Mike Carey
Artists: Jim Fern

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Plot: The setting is Japan. A boy and girl are twins. But one is born before midnight, and the other right after. Which isnít a good signÖ

Comments: Mike Carey is mostly remembered by me for his run on Lucifer. Not my favourite series at all. I collected that series off and on for two years, but it didnít strike me as a strong title. There werenít many protests when the series was cancelled either. Carey created a grand fairy tale, but too often I felt lost.

So it wasnít the writer or the artistic team that got me interested in this book. It was the tag line in the previews. And I will try any new Vertigo book for the first story arc.

First, let me say that I donít believe Jim Fern is the right artist for this book because (If I'm reading the Vertigo tagline correctly), this series will turn into a dark fantasy. Fern provides extremely thin drawing lines which would be very nice if he drew in great detail like Angel Medina. But Fern keeps it simple, far too simple for my taste. His faces are dull and emotionless. Eyebrows, eyes and mouths donít come to life, which undermine the emotion of the story. Fern keeps the characters simple to the extreme, but backgrounds have more detail in them. The scenes of the tree house and the fantasy land are a lot better. Itís set in contemporary Nagaski, but donít expect any Manga influences; there aren't any. This isnít an Ashley Wood art driven book; this book has to rely heavily on the story telling.

Well, the story is interesting, even though there is an overkill of captions to get the story across. The final act of the book is strong and full of drama. The cliffhanger will definitely make me buy another issue.

And the story of the twins which seem to have some mystic powers is a good set up for developing interesting stories. The teenage girl seem to have the power of Luke Cage: unbreakable skin. The mysterious ďSamuraiĒ appearing at her bed at night is a nice twist, but this should be more scary, especially with the flying knives. I would be terrified if this happened to me. But the faces tell me that they arenít that scared. Yeah, right! Jim Fern has to put a better effort into this book or the art will not match the story.

Final Word: Not the greatest first issue, but it has the potential to become a great book.

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