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Sam Noir: Samurai Detective #3

Posted: Monday, December 4, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

Chapter Three: “If at first you don’t succeed, die, die again.”

Writers/Artists: Manny Tremley and Eric A. Anderson

Publisher: Image Comics

As the final part of Sam’s Crusade of Revenge, this issue runs along as per expectations. I assume final part because along with sporting "The End" at the last panel, there isn’t any solicit for any future issues. Maybe before I get into it, I should start confirming whether a series is a limited or an ongoing. Then again, seeing as I have a "Trial of Three" system for any new read (unless it is utterly horrible), I would have gotten these three issues. However, that I liked the story right from the first issue already negated the On-Trial status.

After last issue’s killing, and more importantly the flashback following it, this issue starts with Sam stepping up and going through the doors of what is to be his final destination in getting the people who killed Jasmine, the woman he fell in love with even without having spoken a single word to. What follows next is the usual hack and slash with Sam plowing through just about every thing and person who comes in front of him, including the portly secretary. Then again, she was asking for it what with all her "Intruder! Alarm" yelling.

Even though the fights are well written and drawn, the final confrontation between Sam and Akina left me with a "Huh! That’s it?" feeling. Not to call it anticlimactic but..., eh..., what the hell..., it was anticlimactic. Probably the weakest point of the whole story. I for one did not think that it would go down so easy. Still, even with that downer, the writers do manage to salvage the ending, both with the revelation of how, where and to whom Sam is narrating the story to as also the final page ending.

Conclusion: Although it is given that Sam wouldn’t survive the final page fight, the ending keeps in with the rest of the story style and in the grand scheme of things works out as a nice send off to Sam Noir: Samurai Detective.

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