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Noble Causes #25

Posted: Thursday, November 30, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artists: Various, including Jon Bosco and Freddie Williams II

Publisher: Image Comics

A special double sized one, this issue starts by promising a lot, only to end with delivering, well, not all that much. The main thing here is the various art teams pitching in. From usual artist, Jon Bosco to previous Noble Causes and current Robin penciller, Freddie Williams II, there are more teams here than I bothered to count. However, instead of hampering, the changing styles play in quite well with the changing times. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, this is a TIME TRAVEL story.

Blasted last issue and tossed into a tachyon/time field, the main protagonist here is Liz Donnelly-Noble, wife of Race Noble and until now the only "non-powered" member of the Noble family. Until now because as a side effect of the tachyon blast, Liz seems to have become the good version of DCís current Dr. Zoom (Hunter Zolomon), she runs through time. However, unlike Hunter-Zoom, Liz also possesses super speed, and it is only after she passes a threshold does she start running through time. Until that speed, she is your run-of-the-mill (punny stuff, eh) speedster.

Even with the various time jumps and the various future Nobles that Liz comes across, the one thing that retains central focus (kind of) is mystery involving something Liz did or rather what the current Liz will do. As to what it is, in true Noble Causes (i.e. Superhero-Soap Drama) style, it has something to do with the black sheep of the Noble family, Frosty.

Appearing alongside the future versions of Doc Noble (first his aged body and then his "A.I." version), Rustyís changing forms (including his "brain operated" robot bodies. Yes plural), are characters such as Zephyrís son (who I take is the same one who was stolen by the Krennickís sister), President Liz Donnelly-Noble and, uh, Lizís daughter, her and Frostís daughter (I guessed Frost from her powers and demeanor). Even the Nobleís headquarters keeps on getting overhauled, going from a simple building, to a factory-style complex, to an island, to a whole city in space.

Just when it looks like everything is going to work out, there is a blast, one that leads to an ending which I take will be the starting point of all the changes to come, including possibly whatever happens between Liz and Race (and Frost).

Conclusion: In its own way, this issue makes for a good jumping on point for a new reader. Even if he/she will not be able to get all the nuances and back-stories, there isnít all that much here that will confuse them.

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