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Birds of Prey #100

Posted: Monday, November 20, 2006
By: Kevin T. Brown

"Blood & Circuits, Part One: A Chance to Do Good"

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Nicola Scott (p), Doug Hazelwood (i)

New beginnings for the Birds, not only in terms of the make-up of the team, but with a new artist as well. However, the same ol' writer is there. Now is that a good or bad thing?

One of the best moves DC has done with this book is giving new-comer Nicola Scott a chance on it. Mark my words, she's a star in the making. She's still learning, still growing, but there's a level of excitement in her work that can best be described as invigorating. Her work is very fluid and clean. I'm looking forward to seeing how Scott grows over the next few months on this book. One little nit-pick though, and it's not the fault of the artist: Please give Zinda an updated costume. The short, short mini-skirt is cute, but I'd like to see her taken a bit more seriously by how she looks.

Then there's the writing by the "same ol' writer" Gail Simone. Not a great effort, but an above average one. Simone is re-inventing the team and the concept here, so a little time is needed to see it all come together. No longer is the team going to be just Black Canary and Huntress, but rather a team in which Huntress is leading any number of heroines in the DCU. The issue begins with Oracle sending out invitations to every single female hero in the DCU. Who accepts? Who rejects? We don't know yet, with the exception of Power Girl's resounding NO and those heroines (Big Barda, Judomaster, and Kate Spencer sans her Manhunter garb) that appeared in this particular issue. There's also an introduction of a new adversary in Katarina Armstrong a.k.a. Spy Smasher. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all develops. I suspect she may end up recruiting Oracle….

With this being the 100th issue, of course it's over-sized and features a back up showing Black Canary's "new life" as a foster mother to Sin. It's a offering co-written by Simone and Tony Bedard and drawn by the departing art-team of Paulo Sequiero & Robin Riggs. I think the reasons given Black Carary's departure from Birds of Prey make little sense given the fact that she's now a member of the newly reformed Justice League of America. If you can forget that for a moment, you can enjoy this story and her wanting to give motherhood a try. Plus it was nice to see her origin re-capped.

Overall, the lead story is a by-the-numbers rescue mission that gives the reader a chance to see how the new team is going to look. The jury is still out as to whether this is the right move or not, but it's promising. I like the addition of Spy Smasher to the book. I especially like Nicola Scott as the artist on this book. That, more than anything else, generated the excitement. This book is on the upswing now, and this issue is a very good jumping on point for new readers.

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