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Infiniteens #1

Posted: Saturday, November 18, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"Event Child"

Writer/Artist: Zeu (Eliseu Goveia)
Publisher: Moonstone

The Infiniteens takes place in a parallel universe where humankind breached another region of space and time. The breach unleashed a force that spread across the earth to trigger or transform a portion of humanity into super beings, some good, some bad. The Infiniteens fall in the former category.

The blond bloke on the cover while testing his powers gets caught in a dogfight. The resulting tête-à-tête forms a great big hole in a corrupt superhuman's floating headquarters and sets off numerous events in the plot including the release of two important prisoners and a very curious possession.

The Infiniteens use their power for another reason that crackles throughout the panels. The Infiniteens are exuberant. They are a blast. Everything the kids do is fun to watch. Their antics, even when a pair of the group espies another's tryst, come off as innocent fun. Zeu's creations bounce and flounce through the panels.

When looking at the cover to The Infiniteens, you are sampling the artwork. In fact the artwork inside even looks better. The entirety appears airbrushed, but in all likelihood, the soft natural shades and highlights come from a dedicated artist's computer palette. Whatever the medium, The Infiniteens looks beautiful.

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