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PvP #29

Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2006
By: Steven G. Saunders

Writer/Artist: Scott Kurtz
Artist for "Tales by Tavernlight": Paul Southworth

Publisher: Image Comics

It's been said that since the majority of what's in the print editions of PvP has already appeared online before and is available in the archives, then there's little reason to drop your hard earned $2.99 ($3.35 if you're Canadian) plus tax on this title. As someone who tends to forget to read every single goddamn web comic out there (and they are LEGION), I think it's kinda nice to read the comic book editions of PvP. But I am a frugal sort, so when the thought strikes me to read these hilarious strips, I do tend to read them online, rarely buying the issues. Although these pages are jam-packed with laugh-a-second goodness and nerdiness, I have to dock this comic half a bullet just for the fact that most of it can be found online for free. If you don't read online comics, or have no online access (though you're reading, um, this) and love nerd-humour, then the physical embodiment of PvP is for you.

Issue #29 is quite the mirthquake (I shamelessly stole that term from Penny Arcade), indeed. It seems to compile the great run of strips from the end of 2005, complete with X-Mas hijinks and Robbie winning the lottery, which is what the great cover shows. The back of the issue treats us to an installment of "Tales by Tavernlight," a funny two pager also written by Kurtz and illustrated by Paul Southworth. It's certainly worth a chuckle. But that's it, as far as "extras" go. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most everything else in this issue appeared in the online strips. Once again, not really a bad thing. I guess I wanted more "meaty meat" though and thus this issue gets docked another half bullet.

Content-wise, this is still a laugh-riot of an issue. I just wish there was more. Yeah, I know, frothing fanboys are never ever happy. I'm not unhappy; I just want more. Especially if I'm going to fork out some cash. On the bright side, giving Scott Kurtz money should feel good, as he certainly deserves it. Along with Penny Arcade, PvP is one of the funniest strips of its type out there. Nerd and gamer humour is continuing to stay on the rise, and it's everywhere (My mom is even aware of itů my mom! Hey! Cram those mom jokes). Sometimes it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes it's more like separating corn from shit. In the case of PvP, there's no fear. What you get is a quality comic. Even if you do have to turn it sideways to read it and it needs some more content.

Not much more can be said. The story arcs, if there's any to be had, last only a few strips at most and you don't have to be overly familiar with the cast of characters or past strips to know what's going on or "get it." So, if nerd humour (or just humour in general) is your thing, pick this up. Though you might want to read it online first.

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