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Ion: Guardian of the Universe #7

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2006
By: Bruce Logan

"Home Again" (Part 7)

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Greg Tocchini (p), Jay Leisten (i), Jeremy Cox (colors)

Publisher: DC Comics

Ah, Raduís Coffee. I have such fond memories of you. It seems like only yesterday that we used to hang out together and bear silent witness to so many things, countless hook-ups and break-ups, meeting people from all walks of life, getting to know them, even making a few friends along the way. All that and more. And then, one fine day, we realized that one of those people, one of our friends, was someone who was so much more than the happy go lucky artist that he appeared to be, that we knew him as. He, Kyle Rayner, was a superhero, a Green Lantern no less. Ah, those were the days. Hmmm.

Okay, enough with the sappy-crappy reminiscing, letís get on with the review. As clear from the cover, in this issue of Ion: Guardian of the Universe, Kyle is in New York or more specifically, at the coffee shop owned by his friend and former landlord, Radu. It is from there that the major part of the story is told, as Kyle recounts his recent whereabouts to Radu (over a cup of New Yorkís best coffee and Raduís special donuts..., well..., just one; the rest already sold out). More than anything, this is a setup issue. With the previous issue providing closure to quite a few plot threads, and dangling a couple of new ones, it is up to this one to weave them forward, which it does quite well. With the break provided by these two issues (#6 and 7), the mini looks set to have two arcs, both having six issues each. A possible precursor of an Ion ongoing? One can always dream.

Making a rested opening, the story takes off again with an appearance by none other than a Monitor. Although I personally never cared about the Monitor(s), I am interested in whatever it is that these guys are cooking up. "You are supposed to be dead." Kyle isnít the only character to hear these words. If my guess is correct, then in Nightwing #125 it was a Monitor that was tracking/stalking Dick. Whether and how this all ties up remains a mystery with the Monitor vanishing right before Kyleís eyes.

After a quick meeting session with his new neighbors, Schulyer and Marissa (and yes, she still hasnít spoken), Kyle meets up with yet another Green Lantern, the one person that Kyle respects and looks up as much as his mother (and possibly father too): Alan Scott. Moreover, along with meeting her father, Kyle also get another link, another reminder of his dead former-girl friend, a locket that he gave her. I might be wrong but as far as I recall, this locket wasnít made of gold, silver or any other metal, but was in fact a product of Kyleís willpower. It was a testament of his love for her and was supposed to last as long as that love did. That, even now, after her cheating on him and then breaking up with him, after she has been dead and gone for more than a year now, that the locket still existed is proof enough of the depth of those feelings. It would have been nice for a short (even if a couple of panels long) flashback about the importance of the locket, especially for new readers, or for forgetful Rayner-veterans like yours truly.

There is also a fight (this time with Effigy), one that would have felt forced and incredibly out of place, had it not been for the "mystery attacker." Built up right from the first issue, the identity of this person is something that interests me.

As for the ending, it has damn nothing to do with the story told here. Instead, it is so out of place and disjointed that it had me nearly yelling out my frustration for not having the next issue to read too.

Conclusion: After a rather slow and seemingly stumbling start, this mini has gathered speed, building up momentum to the point that even if let go right now, it will cruise to a smooth ending. Too bad, I want an explosive one. Thankfully it appears writer Ron Marz does too.

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