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PvP #28

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2006
By: Charles Emmett

Writer/Artist/Creator: Scott Kurtz

Publisher: Image Comics

There comes a point in every long term relationship where we ask ourselves, "Am I going to marry this person? Have kids with this person? Will I even make a good parent? Will I still find time for the people I love?" This issue asks all those important questions as Jade and Brent may be having a baby together. Oh yea, that and a Werewolf story too. So much for depth eh?

So you may be asking yourself, "That sounds like a great premise for a story, why did this punk give it only 1 stinking bullet?" It's quite simple actually; this story is available for free in its entirety on the Internet. Let me repeat that: it's available FOR FREE in ITS ENTIRETY on the Internet. The wolfman story too. Yes Kurtz, I discovered your game. You keep trying to pass these off as old stories that have been expanded with some extra content. Well, I'm here to tell you that the game is up, and I as a fan will not take it any longer. I've been reading your work for a long, long time now, and when it's obvious that you are no longer trying in your monthly comic releases, it's really really disappointing.

The story itself is one of PvP's proudest moments. It's a touching story that never manages to seem forced or rushed and flows very well as a whole. Even the Halloween Werewolf special has some great moments and is a kick to read. But again, they are BOTH available on the Internet for free! at Just
search through the new improved archives (I'll give you a hint, look around late October 2005) and soon enough you will discover this issue. But that isn't the cut that hurts the most. No, it's the fact that this is really only half an issue. The last quarter or so of the book is a Captain Amazing preview. If you remember my review of the Captain Amazing book, I wasn't a big fan. I'm still not, and this space is only filler until the next issue of purely recycled material straight from the Internet.

As a fan and now a very poor college student, I can't afford to keep buying PvP just to support Scott Kurtz so he can make money off of his PvP empire. I love the man, and I enjoy reading PvP on the Internet everyday (for free I repeat), but the least he can do is give me an original comics exclusive story now and then, not just rip his old strips and pad the rest of the book with a preview of a mediocre tale. It aggravates me and makes me feel like I got ripped off. I don't buy comics to feel ripped off; I buy comics for sheer enjoyment, new exciting tales, and a general sense of fun. This issue has none of that. It did when it came out a year ago, but it doesn't now. Heck, I can remember every aspect of this story even though it came out a year ago. Kurtz needs to change the way he treats these monthly issues if he wants to keep readers, because if this keeps up, I won't be the only one leaving PvP on the shelf.

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