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Jack Staff #11

Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2006
By: Caryn A. Tate

Writer & Artist: Paul Grist

Publisher: Image

Issue #11 of this series contains four different stories, and only one the first was enjoyable in the least.

this first tale introduces Kapitan Krieg. He is a German hero during World War II, but itís not the way it sounds. Krieg stands for the ideals of good German people, but itís soon revealed that he was fooled into believing the Nazis were representing the same positive ethics. He even wears a swastika on his uniform. But the Nazisí true colors are exposed, and Krieg is crestfallen; he is taken prisoner by a man named Liesmann, who begins to torture the heroÖ

And then the story abruptly ends.

The entire issue plays out in this manner. After reading the first Kapitan Krieg story and its sudden conclusion, I assumed I would see Krieg in another story in this issue. I did not. While Iím sure heíll show up in subsequent issues, why should I stick around for that long, spending my $3.50 on each issue trying to find out what happened to this mildly interesting character?

Not to mention the rest of the stories. They feel loosely thrown together, and they each have a completely silly, almost juvenile, quality to them. I never felt engaged in the comic or the characters, despite the fact that a hero named The Eternal Warrior appeared in two of them.

There is so little creative storytelling here that I felt somewhat at a loss after reading this issue. The pacing in each little tale is not too bad, but each one is only a few pages long at best; so just as I was beginning to follow one story, I was abruptly shoved into the next. There is little to no characterization; each character (besides Krieg) seems to be a stereotype.

The style of the art is not for me; I can understand others enjoying it fairly well, but I simply didnít care for it. Normally I enjoy simplicity, but in this issue it was the negative side of minimalism. But the real offender here was the writing and the script, not the art.

The only way that I can imagine I might buy another issue of Jack Staff is if there is a much more in-depth tale of Kapitan Krieg. Even then, itís somewhat doubtful..., but Iím happy to see that Mr. Grist did create one interesting character in this book.

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