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Simpsons Comics #121

Posted: Saturday, August 19, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"The Town That Time Forgot"

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artists: Phil Oritz (p), Mike DeCarlo (i), Art Villanueva (colors)

Publister: Bongo

Ah. Simpsons Comics is supposed to be funny, and it is funny. Right on page one, you know something's amiss, and Boothby confirms your suspicions with Phil Oritz, Mike DeCarlo and Art Villanueva turning the crappy Simpsonmobile into a Transformer.

Dream says you? Not quite. The nature of "the not quite" makes perfect sense given Homer's characterization. After a smashing wild take, Boothby comes up with some perfectly orchestrated Burns and Smithers ploys, in which the dialogue easily draws Harry Shearer's fine voice work.

Boothby next focuses on Homer's love for Flanders' giving nature and finally directs Homer to the main plot. Joining an angry mob, Homer somehow gets Diamond Joe Quimby to abolish daylight savings time. The reader immediately sympathizes. Simpsons Comics however is not a dialogue for or against the evil and unnecessary action. Simpsons Comics once again exposes the absurdity and the stupidity of the town of Springfield.

Boothby makes Lisa's observation skills the hub of the insanity. The story then spreads out in the vibrant colors of Villanueva to touch upon how the residents abuse this newfound power until once more, against all odds, the play eases back to the status quo. Boothby's method of de-evolution impresses.

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