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Girls #13

Posted: Thursday, May 11, 2006
By: Robert Murray

Writer: Joshua Luna
Artist: Jonathan Luna

Publisher: Image Comics

Wow, this is a great comic book series! After I finish reading an issue, I have that sense of loss and excitement as I wait for the next issue to come along. Fortunately, itís one of the few Image titles that consistently comes out every month, so I donít have to wait too long for my next fix. However, I think my overall excitement for the series might be colored by another form of entertainment in my life, namely the television show called Lost. I have been a rabid fan of J.J. Abrams' show since the beginning (in fact, Iím watching the newest episode after I finish writing this review!), and I see a lot of similarities between Girls and Lost. First, there is an abundance of fleshed-out (no pun intended), believable characters who yield empathetic responses from the audience. Second, there is a menacing enemy that is almost mythical in nature, creating panic in the midst of the survivors. Lastly, the characters are trapped in an enclosed area (as revealed in this issue), and the nature of that area is not defined at all, leaving the players and the viewers guessing at all times about what they are caught up in. Really, this kind of storyline is a great vehicle for developing strong characters and intriguing, outlandish situations.

However, Girls is a unique animal in comparison to Lost, and the differences are what makes this comic book story a cut above the rest. Mainly, there is a sexual tension between men and women that permeates every panel of this series. The killer women who roam the town of Pennystown and kill at will are multiplying due to the sexual urges of men. The murderous females are beautiful, naked, nearly child-like in apparent intelligence, and willing to have sex with the men of the town. To some men, this is a dream come true, and it is in this element that this comic book is almost a cautionary tale. The Luna Brothers are stating, whether they intended to or not, that attractiveness and desirability exist inside women and shouldnít be confused with physical beauty, which can sometimes mask their true attributes. In the case of Girls, the beautiful girls are hiding their animal-like savagery behind the facade of their ideal human beauty. Sex seems to permeate everything here (thereís a giant sperm in the middle of town, for peteís sake!), but that doesnít mean that this is a misogynist work thatís only for male readers. The Lunas have created many strong female characters in this series, and these are the women that the reader connects to and feels for, truly making the beautiful figures of the girls into hideous monsters without the inclusion of blood and gore. Talk about an accomplishment in this day and age of entertainment where terror can only be accomplished by showing something truly gruesome to the audience! While there are some scenes of nastiness, the horror is mainly created by atmosphere, and there have been ample instances in this series when I have sucked in my breath quickly from sudden shock.

The only real issue I have with this comic book, and the previous entries in this series, is an element of the artwork by Jonathan Luna. Granted, his art is very pretty to look at, enhancing the overall effect of a comic book series that wants to blur the line between beauty and ugliness. But, every character looks almost identical in the face, barring the killer girls who are supposed to appear very attractive. Take any panel in Issue #13 where multiple characters are looking straight toward you. Once youíve done that, try to convince me that the characters looking back at you donít look almost identical. Itís hard for me to discern whoís who sometimes, which really detracts from the flow of my reading. However, Lunaís facial emotions are pretty decent, as well as his scenes of scale and action, so I can definitely forgive this transgression. Believe me, this problem is not enough to sway me from continuing to buy this title, which will hopefully last longer than the Luna Brothers say. Less than a year left!? Come on!

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