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Noble Causes v5: Betrayal

Posted: Wednesday, April 19, 2006
By: Craig Johnson

Collecting issues six through twelve of the current series

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Fran Bueno

Publisher: Image

Where other superhero titles tread water, this flies. Where others are content to follow, this leads.

This has it all (true believer), from heroes taking the day off (reminiscent of that fine Astro City story of a similar vintage), to mind control, to aliens, to a bonus strip, to ominous foreboding of future events, to laughs, to drama, to an artist settling into his role and making the book his own, to being the best thing that Jay Faerber has ever written. He’s clearly having a ball, the freedom of total creative control agrees with him so well.

One of the best books of the moment, but…don’t buy this.

Buy volume one first (ISBN 1582402930) if you can get ahold of it…then two, three, four and then buy this volume, otherwise although you’d be getting a fine story, being in on the ground floor gives you a better one.

There’s no point having a longer review than this. It’s one of the best superhero books of the modern era. Just buy it already.

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