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The Portent #2

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2006
By: Robert Murray

Writer/Artist: Peter Bergting

Publisher: Image Comics

We get some background, revelations and further insight into the characters in this jam-packed issue #2. I say jam-packed because of the immense amount of busyness here, both in action and in overall development. However, there is not a sense of content overwhelming the flow of the story. Instead, this is another issue that really delivers the goods, giving readers exactly what they’re looking for out of this series: action, intrigue, and mysterious shenanigans. Peter Bergting continues to make the most out of the material he has presented here, and I am again amazed at his phenomenal solo work on this series. Even when the dialogue doesn’t work as well as it should, I still marvel at some element within each and every panel, whether it be the mise en scene, the overall quality of the artwork, or the feeling of anticipation I feel for the next page. Something big is forthcoming here, and I can’t wait to see what it is!

Bergting’s art continues to amaze me. Why haven’t I seen this guy’s work before this series? Panels are constructed in an engrossing way, and there is nary a wasted picture within the first two issues. Plus, the colors used throughout are appropriate for each scene. Scenes that should be dark are dark and scenes that should be light are light. Truly, the art grabs you even if you casually flip through this issue at your local comic shop. Everything is vivid and alive without overdoing it. Full page artwork is effective without being gaudy and the action is involving without an overabundance of movement lines or other such pedestrian techniques. Am I writing a love letter here or what? Honestly, this is the best work that Image has released this year so far, and to think that this is solely Bergting’s baby makes this all the more impressive. His is a talent that should be recognized by anyone who loves comic books, particularly those fans who love something unique.

Like I said in the opening, many revelations are revealed in this issue, and Milo reveals more of his humanity and vulnerability within this issue. Instead of seeming like a singularly pompous jerk (as presented in the first issue), we start to see what makes this guy tick, which really adds to my anticipation for issue #3.

I only have two minor gripes. First, the beginning of this issue is a little bit of a shock, as I was looking forward to some sort of battle with an army of the dead, which is instead wrapped up with some meteors hitting in the right place at the right time. Second, the Mokkurkalve is not nearly the worthy adversary I thought he would be. However, Bergting smooths over both of these matters by fitting everything seamlessly within the tone and direction of his tale. He has created a world here that I love to get lost in, and all comic book fans should be checking out this mini-series. Sniff! Only a mini-series!

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