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Boneyard #21

Posted: Saturday, April 15, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Richard Moore
Publisher: NBM

Boneyard features the same crisp, clean black and white artwork as well as a distinctive cast of characters, but there's just not enough yucks, intrigue or action to keep the reader all that interested.

Moore moves Michael and Abbey closer together through the convention of a party. Fortunately, the black tie affair promises to be less than conventional. So hopefully next issue will pick up the pace.

Nessie also wishes to go the party, but Abbey strictly forbids her. This of course challenges Nessie to find a date--her choices are a werewolf or a skeleton--and follow the happy couple. No doubt we'll see more of her next issue. Though the see-through dress Moore tailors for her makes the reader wonder exactly how it would be possible to see more of her next issue. This is not to say that the dress is prurient. It's a sexy little number that suits her character.

Nessie however cannot compete with the pure cuteness of Abbey who meets and flabbergasts Michael. Wearing only a pair of towels, Moore milks the scene for all its sensual worth. Later she shows another facet of her character as the elegant, classy vampiress you can see on the cover. I have to say that I think Moore was mistaken to use Abbey dressed to the nines on the cover. Knowing that takes away some of the power from the big reveal scene.

Moore concludes this issue of Boneyard with five strips of Hogsbreath, the inheritor of the Bloom County legacy. I know that Opus is back in papers, but Opus is more of a descendent of Outland.

This issue of Boneyard is probably the least necessary issue of the series, but it's difficult not to recommend the stunning black and white artwork and these likeable characters.

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