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Godland #9

Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2006
By: Ryan Pelaez

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Tom Scioli

Publisher: Image Comics

I realize that new series need a certain amount of time to properly establish their story, characters, theme and flavor. That’s all fine and well. Godland, however, seemed to do this very well from the get go! So what’s with this lame issue we got here?

The issue begins with Adam Archer, who is whining like a little wuss about how he doesn’t feel connected to human beings anymore, after being enlightened as to the origin of the universe in the previous issue. I enjoyed how Adam’s feelings of cosmic induced isolation were making him doubt his humanity. Maxim following up with some mumbo jumbo about how the IBOGA is proof that we’re all connected was WHACK! C’mon Casey, you got a good thing going and you totally ruin it by tossing in some Buddha lovin’, tofu eatin’, yoga stretchin’ cliché! Keep it cosmic, man… keep it cosmic.

The three cosmic beings that appeared at the end of last issue are fleshed out a little more in this issue. “Little” being the key word here. After seeing these three at the end of issue #8, I was hungry for some nice, juicy and LARGE images of these cats! Instead the issue presents what basically boils down to thumbnails in my book. The dialogue was a tad confusing but turned out to be a fun study. The “remote host death snakes” were a nice touch.

Basil Cronus is always hilarious but needs to be back in his own body. I know it’s a plot point but damn… I’m over it already! His original costume is much better. I hope he gets his duds back soon. The Tormentor looks menacing but we have yet to see him in action. We can only be so patient.

Let me just put this out there.


He’s boring. He’s not funny and his design sucks! Get him out of here, expand on the Tormentor and bring Basil back to the forefront as the main Godland nemesis.

Neela gets launched into space on her secret military mission in this issue, and I think this is gonna turn out to be something major in this series. The whole sibling rivalry along with her dreams of being galaxified is gonna lead to a nice cosmic conflict with her and Adam. Mark my words!

Overall, this issue was just an uninspired “eh” for me. The art was inconsistent. Adam and Maxim look like crap in the beginning (page 3!) but the pink and purple panel (page 15, panel 1) of Neela in the shuttle is gorgeous! This is largely due to Nick Filardi’s color job, and he’s got large shoes to fill following the beautiful run by Crabtree. If it seems like I’m being hard on this book it’s only because I truly love Godland so much. It’s definitely one of the best books on the rack right now and even when it has a “so-so” issue, it’s still a hilariously written, awesomely drawn spray of cosmic cool.

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