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The Athenian Star #0

Posted: Saturday, March 18, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Samuel Vera
Publisher: Crazeecomics

Interstellar wars and cosmic objects serve as lynchpins to Samuel Vera's latest work The Athenian Star. Mr. Vera was kind enough to send me the latest project from Crazeecomics, and this one clearly owes a debt to Star Wars.

The story's not exactly original, but the dialogue and the narration exhibit skill and polish. I can name several books from DC that fail on that front. The plot's fairly basic with a Princess of a planet at war on the one end of the spectrum and the last surviving alien warrior from a dead planet at the other. The story paves the way for the Princess to quest for the Athenian Star and the warrior.

The artwork offers the reader a mix of striking 3-D computer rendered backgrounds and altered photographs which counters rough character designs that offer a degree of scale and proportion, but not quite enough. The alien characters are rather Muppet-Like, which is amusing.

The book's in full color, but the first chapter looks muddy in sepia to denote the past. Mr. Vera should have probably used a different shade or perhaps a different color to distinguish the two eras.

The Athenian Star isn't anything special, but it does open up a door to another space opera, and if space opera appeals to you, then perhaps this is your cup of soup.

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