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X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1

Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2006
By: Michael Deeley

“Dead a Long Time, Part 1”

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artists: Nick Dragotta (p), Mike Allred (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dr. Strange detects a disturbance in the natural order. A dead super villain called “The Pitiful One” has returned from hell with a hand full of other dead Marvel characters. They attack the UN, resulting in much death and infamy. Strange knows there’s only one person who can help stop this undead threat: Dead Girl.

I have to tell you right now Dead Girl doesn’t show up until the last page of the story. This is really a Dr. Strange comic. Strange feels depressed over his lonely life. He wonders why he can’t relate to other people on a mundane level. And when did he start using archaic words on a regular basis? There’s a real down side to being the Sorcerer Supreme. The focus on Strange could be Milligan’s way of “auditioning” for a new Dr. Strange series, or just doing the Strange story he always wanted to do disguised as an X-Statix comic. I think Milligan has a good grip on the character and shows a new side to Strange’s personality. Strange reads as very human-something he hasn’t been in years.

Mike Allred’s retro-pop art style works well for the story. It’s a very positive, “happy” style that counterbalances the grim subject matter. The bright colors also add to this feeling. This looks very 60s, but also very modern. Characters are solid, but not stiff. I would call this cartooning because Allred conveys so much emotion with so few lines.

Ironically, this comic made me want to read more Dr. Strange stories by Milligan and Allred. I’ll have to read the next issue to see if it’s a good Dead Girl story.

By the way-The superheroine you can’t name is Miss America.

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